Building a New Structure? Long-Term Tips to Discourage Termite Activity

Termite damage is always a major concern for those who have older homes or structures, especially if the wood used in their construction is decaying or there are moist conditions that favor termite survival and reproduction. Unfortunately, new and more recently constructed buildings are not immune to the threat of this voracious pest.  Therefore, those who are planning to build a new construction home, garage, or other structure should always include steps to discourage termite colonies from forming on their property. [Read More]

Own A Boat? 4 Safety Tips For Your Watertight Door

If your boat has a cargo hold, and you regularly use the watertight door, be sure to avoid accidents and injuries. You might not realize this, but without proper precautions, your watertight door can pose a serious hazard. Here are four tips to ensure the safe use of your watertight doors.  1. Provide Proper Training for Door Use When it comes to safety, the most important thing you can do is know how to use your watertight door properly. [Read More]

Modern Electrical Upgrades For Convenience And Safety When You Do Major Renovations

Are you getting ready to do major renovations to your home and need to know where you need to make investments in improving your home the most? It is important not to overlook mechanical systems like heating and cooling or electrical wiring. Inspecting, repairing and upgrading the electrical service in your home will help add modern comforts, but more importantly, it will ensure your home's wiring is safe. The following modern electrical upgrades will give you modern improvements for convenience, as well as update wiring to reduce electrical hazards. [Read More]

Why Stucco Repairs Are Necessary And How They're Done

If your home has stucco siding, watch for signs of problems, such as bubbles and cracks. While stucco can last for many decades, once damage starts, it can spread if repairs aren't undertaken. Here's why stucco repairs should be done promptly and the process that's involved. Why You Shouldn't Put Off Stucco Repairs A crack or chipped area of stucco allows rain to seep behind the siding. This can lead to water damage in your home, and it can also cause the siding damage to escalate. [Read More]