Why Stucco Repairs Are Necessary And How They're Done

If your home has stucco siding, watch for signs of problems, such as bubbles and cracks. While stucco can last for many decades, once damage starts, it can spread if repairs aren't undertaken. Here's why stucco repairs should be done promptly and the process that's involved.

Why You Shouldn't Put Off Stucco Repairs

A crack or chipped area of stucco allows rain to seep behind the siding. This can lead to water damage in your home, and it can also cause the siding damage to escalate. Bubbles get larger and cracks spread, and when the damage gets worse, the risk of water damaging your home increases too. While having prompt repairs is important, the contractor will schedule the work when the weather conditions and temperatures are within the right range for working with the repair materials.

How Your House Is Prepped For Repairs

The old stucco in the area of damage has to be removed before new stucco can be applied. This involves removing the stucco, metal lath, and building paper in the area until strong stucco is encountered. The contractor may tap the stucco with tools to loosen weak areas so they fall away and no damaged parts are left behind. Then, the metal lath is snipped out.

How Stucco Repairs Are Done

Repairing a damaged area of stucco is similar to applying new stucco, except the edges of the repairs have to bump up against the old lath and sturdy stucco. Building paper is put down and the metal lath nailed to the wood wall. Then, layers of stucco are built up over the area and smoothed out so the new stucco blends in with the texture and level of the old stucco.

One problem you might encounter is getting the patched area to match the old paint if your old paint is faded from its original color. The contractor can try to get a close match, but it might be necessary to paint the whole wall or even your entire house if you want the repair work to be completely invisible. However, the contractor may advise waiting several days to allow time for the stucco to cure before painting your house.

By removing weak and damaged stucco and building a new area from the building paper out, you can be sure the problem with leaking is dealt with and your home is no longer at risk. Once repairs are done, your siding is good as new and able to protect your home for years to come. Even if your siding has several areas of damage, making repairs could be the best and most affordable option as long as the old undamaged stucco is still in good shape. For more information, contact companies like LP & Sons Brickote.