Update Your Kitchen With A New Sink And Faucet

Making little changes could be enough to transform the way your kitchen looks when you'd like to update your kitchen, but you don't have a big budget. One thing you might want to focus on is the sink. By installing a new sink and faucet, you can change the appearance and function of your kitchen. When you're looking for the right replacement faucet or sink, visit a plumbing supply store like Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company. There will be many varieties on display in the showroom, so you can find the perfect match for your updated kitchen. Here are some tips for buying a new faucet and sink.

Look For Useful Features In A Faucet

When you buy a new faucet, you want more than something that just looks pretty. Since you'll use the faucet daily, it should make your kitchen chores easier, too. A faucet that works by detecting motion is one handy option to consider because that allows you to wash your hands without transferring bacteria to the handles. A spray feature that pulls away from the faucet makes washing vegetables and rinsing pans easier, and it's a nice addition if there isn't a place to add a sprayer on the side of the faucet.

Faucets come in different finishes and styles, so you can match the type you buy with your kitchen décor. The most important thing to keep in mind when you buy a new faucet is to match it to the configuration of holes in the sink you're buying.

Choose A Sink That Fits Your Cabinets

Upgrading your sink can make an improvement in your kitchen, especially if your current sink is stained, scratched, and worn out. One important thing to note is how the sink will fit in your cabinets. While you may want a farmhouse sink with a front apron, you may have to change the cabinet under it to get it to fit. If you want to keep your cabinets the way they are, then shop for a sink that has the same dimensions as the sink you have now. You can change the material it's made of if you're tired of stainless steel, and you can also change from a single bowl to a double bowl. You can even buy a sink that is deeper than your current sink as long as there is enough room in the cabinet considering the location of the garbage disposal.

Sinks can drop into the cabinet from above or they can be raised up from below. Installing a sink from below eliminates the seam around the sink that collects crumbs and dirt, plus it gives your countertop a smooth look. Take your sink measurements to the plumbing supply store and look at all your options and match your new sink with the right faucets, and your home can have a more modern look. Plus, installing a sink and faucet is a task you might be able to do yourself so you can eliminate the installation fees and save money to spend on other items to complete your kitchen update.