The Newest Window Treatment You Will Love

Residential rolling shutters are the newest window treatment you will love. These shutters have some unique properties, all of which you will find very useful. Those unique qualities include the following:


Rolling shades can be inside or rolling shades can be outside; the only difference is where you want to mount and install them. They work the same regardless of where they are hung. Some people like them on the outside because they can use the rolling shades in place of canvas or metal awnings. Other people like them inside because they can use them in place of blinds and the rolling shutters are easier to manipulate than traditional blinds. 

Remote Control Operation

Imagine never having to get up from your chair or couch to roll down the shades or close the blinds. Imagine sitting outside and realizing that the late day sun is flooding the family room and you want to close the rolling shutters while you are outside. The remote controls for these shutters allow you to roll down the shutters with a push of a button no matter where you are or where the shutters are installed (i.e., inside or outside). Just point the remote at the rolling shutter you want to unfurl or raise and press the button, and the motors for these shades do the rest.

Open and Shut Like Blinds

Additionally, these rolling shutters can open and shut like blinds. If the shutters are rolled all the way down, you can simply press a button on the remote control that causes the slats of the shutters to open and let light pass through. There is no need to retract the shutters when you want a little light because the shutters' slats work like blinds. You might even find yourself calling the rolling shutters "blinds" when you talk about them with visitors to your home. 

Easy Installation

Rolling shutters are no more difficult to install than traditional blinds. You will need a little more overhead room because of the retraction engine housed in each shutter casing, but other than that, you can install them in the same manner. If you choose to install the shutters outside your home, be sure to select the waterproof housing for the retraction engines due to the electrical nature of these devices. Rolling shutters may also be used to enclose an open patio space when the patio space has a wrought iron skeleton frame present but nothing enclosing it.

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