5 Tips To Make Your HVAC Replacement Project More Efficient

Do you need a furnace replacement or air conditioning installation? Often, you have a need for one or the other to be done, and it's important to invest in those repairs to make these mechanical systems more efficient. Usually, both the heating and cooling of your home are going to be outdated and inefficient. Therefore, you want to consider a complete HVAC replacement that makes your home more efficient. Here are some tips to help make your HVAC replacement project more efficient and environmentally friendly:

1. Plan and Estimate Your Complete HVAC Replacement Project

Before you get started with HVAC replacement, you want to begin by planning a project. Contact an HVAC contractor such as Norris Mechanical to begin planning the upgrades that need to be done. You may need just a heating upgrade or a complete air conditioner replacement as one or the other may have been updated recently. Talk with the HVAC contractor about integrating at least two systems to maximize energy efficiency in your home.

2.  Upgrade Your Heating During Hot Weather To Prepare For The Winter To Come

The best time to consider updating your heating system is actually during the summer months. This will ensure that you have heating when you need it most during the cold winter months period. There are options like renewable energy from solar collectors or installing a biomass furnace. Talk with your HVAC contractor about the best options for energy efficient heating for your home.  

3. Consider Renewable Energy Systems To Make Your Heating More Efficient This Winter

There are many different options for renewable energy that can be used for heating your home. If you use radiant heating in your home, biomass fuels are one of the best options. Biomass fuels can also be used with forced air cooling systems, which will require a specially designed heat exchanger. Another option would be to use solar energy with collectors on your roof or solar panels that produce electricity.

4. Use Geothermal Thermal Solutions That Will Help You Save On Heating And Cooling All Year

Geothermal HVAC is another option that you may want to consider for renewable energy. Chill thermal HVAC design provides energy efficient cooling and heating for your home. The systems use ground loops as heat exchangers to provide your furnace or air conditioner with thermal energy that is been stored in the ground.

There are also several options that you may want to consider for air conditioner installation that is more efficient. if you have outdoor spaces like all-seasons rooms, you may want to consider options like ductless air conditioner systems, as they can be used separately from central HVAC. There are also options like geothermal systems or compact duct HVAC systems that are ideal for renovations. These are some tips to help make your HVAC replacement more energy efficient. If you are ready to upgrade your heating and cooling, contact a professional HVAC service and talk with him about air conditioner installation.