Tips To Save You Money When Building Your Home

Building a new home is such an exciting time, but it can be very stressful. All of the decisions rest on your shoulders, and there will be plenty of decisions to make. In all of the excitement of your new home being built, it can be very easy to add on extras, as well as additional costs. These add-ons can end up costing you a lot of money in the end. Some may be worth the cost, while others you may have been able to live without (at least for now). Read on for tips to save you money when building your home.

Research Builders

Do your research on home builders before hiring one. Ask friends and co-workers about their home builders (if they've had their homes built), and ask the builders for references. If you're building in a subdivision, you may not have a choice on a home builder, but if you've purchased your own land outside of a subdivision, you can usually find your own. Do your homework on the builder. Their prices will differ, as well as their building styles. This may be your forever home, so find a builder that has the same vision you have.

Get Everything In Writing

You should have a breakdown of the costs in writing before your home is built. This way you aren't surprised by any major costs or unhappy if something is not in the contract. For instance, grading the yard, planting grass, or laying sod may be an extra cost to you. Get it all in writing, and go over your contract with your builder.

Don't Get Swept Up In Upgrades

Sure the granite counters may look much nicer than laminate or Corian, but can you afford them? And real hardwood floor planks may add value to your home over laminate, but again, can you afford the extra cost? Upgrades may add value and look much nicer, but if you can't afford these upgrades, don't add them in. Some extras may be beneficial, especially if you want to have them added to your home at some point, you can have a professional put them in for you so you know the job is done right. Minor changes you may be able to make later such as faucets and lighting. Others may be worth the cost such as custom cabinets over builder-grade cabinets. Think about which upgrades may be worth the extra costs and which can be skipped for now.

When building your home, it can be easy to overspend. Do your homework ahead of time, get everything in writing, and choose your upgrades wisely. Check out sites like for more tips.