Bathroom Comfort Upgrades You Can Add to Your Next Remodeling Project

Remodeling your home's bathroom is a good way to increase the value of your home and add comfort to your bathroom experience. In addition to hanging a fabric shower curtain and placing a plush bath rug to make your bathroom more comfortable, here are some additional upgrades and construction additions you can add to your bathroom's remodel.

Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Most bathrooms with a bathtub and shower combination have a traditional straight curtain rod installed above the edge of the tub. Switching your straight shower curtain rod for a curved rod can increase your shower space within the bathtub. This can be especially helpful when you don't like the cold and wet shower curtain to touch your body while you are showering. You can find a curved shower curtain rod at most home improvement stores and easily install it yourself.

Temperature-Controlled Shower Sprayer

A warm shower at the end of the day can be one of the most pleasant experiences, but getting your shower water to the right temperature can be a challenge. Instead of leaving your shower knobs the standard hot and cold controls, you can upgrade them to an electronic, digital, temperature-controlled knob. This feature in your shower helps you to get the right water temperature the first time. It also makes it easy to adjust your water temperature a degree or two, for example, while you are in the shower.

Shower Wall Nook

While you are in the shower, there are several different items you need to have available, such as shampoo, conditioner, razor, and soap. To install a place to keep these items, you don't have to hang a separate shower caddie on the shower wall. It can be difficult to keep these types of caddies clean of mold, mildew, and soap scum. Build a permanent shower nook in your shower wall to fit these items. If you are planning to replace your shower walls with new tiling or other materials, this provides you the opportunity to install the addition. Contact a construction contractor, like M P T Enterprises, for help creating the space for your new shower nook.

Heated Towel Rack

Getting out of the shower to dry off can be a cold experience, and a heated towel rack can help you warm up. Install a heated towel rack in your bathroom, wired directly into the room's electrical, and you can switch it on just before your shower. During your shower, the rack will warm your towel so when you exit your shower, your towel is warm and ready for you to wrap it around you. You can find heated towel racks at most home improvement stores.