Need Demolition Or Construction? How To Hire Crane Services

Cranes can handle both demolition and construction services. If you are in need of either, but you are not a construction contractor yourself, you may want to look into hiring crane services. Here are a few ways to go about hiring cranes and crane operators.

Rent a Crane, Hire a Licensed Operator

The cheapest approach to getting a crane and an operator to work for you is to rent a crane and hire a licensed operator on the side. This is cheaper because you are renting a crane for a flat daily rate rather than being charged for the expense, gas and upkeep of someone else's crane (which he or she owns). Then hire a licensed operator to work the crane for you, after you have managed to tow it back to your property on your own. You could save several hundred dollars over the cost of a subcontractor or an operator who works directly for a construction/demolition contractor, but there is always the issue of hauling a crane from the rental spot to your property.

Subcontractor Services

Cranes and crane operators sometimes come in the form of subcontractor services. These people own and operate their own cranes for the sole purpose of working as freelance agents, subcontractors, etc. They will advertise as "crane services" and list everything they are willing to do for consumers. Because they work by themselves, they can choose to charge whatever they like for their services, so you will see a wide variety of prices for whatever service you need. Select whichever one fits your budget, but be sure to ask for a photocopy of the crane operator's license before you hire him/her.

Part of a Construction Company

You may also find a crane and crane operator who works directly with and under the supervision of a construction or demolition contractor. This generally means that you will first have to find a contractor with a crane and crane operator, and then hire the contractor even though you only need his/her crane and crane operator. You pay the construction or demolition contractor, and he/she pays the crane operator. The contractor handles all of the moving and removal of equipment and the business end of things too. All you have to do is point at the spot on your property where you want something removed, lifted or erected, and the contractor and his/her crane operator do the rest.

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