Features To Enhance A Deck And Pool's Interior

If you recently had an inground pool installed on your property, consider adding the following features to enhance the deck and pool's interior. As a result of the additions, you, your family members, and guests may find that each session spent on the deck or in the pool is enjoyable and relaxing.

Dining And Resting Area

Place some patio furniture on your pool's desk to use while eating meals, playing board games, or while watching family members and friends swim. Set up some Tiki torches nearby so that you and others will be provided with plenty of visibility when it is dark outside. Arrange a couple chaise lounge chairs or hammocks on wheels on another portion of the pool's deck. You and your companions can catch some of the sun's rays or rest while digesting a recently-consumed meal.

Marine Stereo System

A marine stereo system is designed like a standard system, but is built to withstand moisture and the sun's rays. Marine systems often have a protective coating applied to them that will prevent corrosion, as well. Set the stereo unit on a sturdy surface that surrounds the pool.

Install speakers around the perimeter of the pool so that anyone who is spending time swimming or floating in the water will be able to hear the music that is being played. Record some natural sounds, such as waves crashing or water trickling. Play the recordings whenever you or one of your guests would like to relax and experience a peaceful atmosphere.

Floating Lounge Chairs, Beverage Holders, And Lights 

Place a couple of floating lounge chairs that contain beverage holders inside of the pool so that you and one of your family members or friends can enjoy drifting through the water while remaining hydrated and comfortable. Lounge chairs that have a cushioned lining will help ease sore muscles and recreate the feeling of lying on an air mattress or soft bed.

If you or another person would like to relax at night, add floating lights to the inside of the pool. Blow up translucent balloons and insert an activated light stick through the neck of each balloon before securing the balloons with knots. Press the knotted end of each balloon into a foam bowl. Set the foam bowls that have balloons secured to them inside of the pool.

Spread the decorations out so that they are located in various parts of the pool. The lights will last for several hours and can also be used during intimate gatherings or whenever you will be holding a pool party at night. Contact a company like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas to learn more.