Tips For Maintaining Your Shop's Embroidery Machines

Operating a successful embroidery business can involve many details, each one being a vital aspect of making a profit and keeping the business on track. One of the most important details of your embroidery business is keeping up with the proper maintenance of embroidery machinery. Knowing you can count on your machinery for producing high quality products every time is vital. Check out these maintenance tips for your embroidery machinery.

Keeping Your Machinery Clean

No machine will operate at optimum performance levels when it is clogged up with dust and dirt. The same is true about your embroidery machinery. However, embroidery machines can also have thread dust combined with dust, dirt, and grease that can cause the machine to stitch in an off-kilter manner. At the end of each shift, making sure every machine operator removes all the thread from their machine and cleans the thread track is vital for avoiding damaging build up. Be sure your machine operators know to dust off the thread rack because the thread can carry dust into the thread tracks from the rack. Checking tensioners for dust and debris is also a good idea.

Inspection Before Needle Replacement

When a machine is having one or more needles replaced, making sure you inspect the O-ring seat before setting down the needle for permanency is important. If the O-ring seat has collected thread dust and debris, the needle will catch it and pull it up through the shaft. This can cause poor stitching results. Discuss with your machine mechanics about how well they inspect for thread dust when performing maintenance on any machines that have been experiencing recent stitching troubles.

What Looks Like Timing Problems May Be Neglected Thread Accumulation

Dust and thread can build up underneath bobbin plates on your machinery and cause issues that resemble timing problems. Check behind the hook assembly while the bobbin plate is off for thread wrapped around the shaft. This accumulation can cause the needle's eye to become too close to the hook. The down time this issue can cause is wasteful because it can be avoided by simple maintenance and cleaning. Also, remember to check the throat plate hole for metal burrs that can shred the thread passing through it. Filing down any burrs is best for avoiding material losses that equal profit losses.

Always include checks for oil and air filters during routine maintenance because thread dust and debris can accumulate on them, causing your machinery to run hot. Taking the time to keep your machines running at their optimum levels of performance can help you also maintain greater profits. For more information, contact companies like C & E Imprinted Sportswear.