5 Reasons To Hang A Chandelier In The Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the focal point of family gatherings, whether it is morning or nighttime. You can take a breakfast gathering and turn it into a romantic setting with a chandelier above the area. The use of a dimmer switch will bring ambiance and set the mood to the pace you desire for the evening.

1. Additional Lighting Needed

If you like to have more lighting than your overhead lights can provide, a chandelier is a perfect addition. It is a nice touch to provide extra lighting above the table or island in the kitchen area. You can be creative with all of the styles available. You won't have to use the standard style that has been popular for decades.

2. Place Accent on the Home's Design

Chandelier lighting above the table or island can also place a spotlight on the beauty of the cabinets, walls, or interesting fixtures in the kitchen area.

3. The Main Attraction is the Kitchen

A chandelier will bring a center to the kitchen. By placing one at each end of the island in the kitchen and one over the dining room table, if they are all in one room, can accent each space. You could also dress up the center of the island with just one hanging unit. Either way, you can change an ordinary breakfast into a cozy brunch on you day off from work.

Mini pendants would be a cute and subtle approach to the island in the kitchen. You can use a simpler scheme with a clear shade or choose a pattern to match your kitchen cabinets or accessories.

4. Ceiling-Mounted Range Hoods Need Assistance

If you have a range hood in the center of your kitchen, it can create a bit of a lighting issue. The professionals suggest using a chandelier on each side of the fixture. You can also match the colors to benefit your space in the kitchen. For example, if you have a brownish hood, you could use amber lighting as an accent.

5. Size of the Fixture Accents the Room's Furnishings and Table

The sizes of the fixture will vary for square as well as rectangular and round tables. For the rectangular and square table, the fixture should be approximately twelve inches narrower that its smallest side. For a round table, you use the diameter as the same guideline. A chandelier can accent the shape and location of the table.

These ideas give you an idea of some of the most essential reasons you would want to use a chandelier in your kitchen space. The ideas are limitless and you will enjoy creating or changing the décor of your home during the process. Contact an electrical company like E.J. Gray Electric for more help.