Ways Cardboard Can Help You Around Your House

Nearly every large item you purchase will come in a cardboard box and anything you buy online that doesn't fit in an envelope will also come to your house in a box. This means you can find yourself surrounded by boxes that are overtaking your garage before you know it. Before you recycle them to free up some space, consider also putting some of them to good use by using them in some creative ways that can also help you around your house. The information below will educate you on some great ways to use the cardboard.

Use it to keep your cat's area clean

If you have an indoor cat, then you know how hard it can be to keep their area clean. The litter from their litter box will get kicked onto the ground and when they walk through it they will track it through your house. Take a large cardboard box and flatten it out. Use a knife to cut slices going in all directions on one side of the box. This will create a rough surface. Place the cardboard under the box with the rest of the cardboard surrounding it. You want the rough part facing upward so the litter will get trapped. Now, you can take it outside and shake the litter out of the cardboard when needed.

Use it to protect your wall if you own birds

Birds can be great pets, but they can also be very hard on our walls. While most birdcages have plastic guards to prevent some of the mess, these guards are too short to keep it all in the cage. The birds will flick dirty water and other debris on nearby walls where it will harden and stick to the surface. You can cut large pieces of cardboard and attach them to the walls. Now, you can replace them when they get dirty so your walls don't get damaged.

Use it to protect your garage floor

If you park your car in the garage then you want to protect the flooring in case your car starts to leak oil. Lay flat pieces of cardboard on the ground so it will be directly under the motor part when you park. This way, any oil that leaks will land on it instead of your garage floor.

Now that you have an idea of just some of the ways you can turn cardboard into something helpful for your house, you can come up with even more ideas on your own. Any cardboard you have left over after you've used it for all you can should then be recycled by a cardboard recycling company.