The ABCs Of Warding Off Toilet Fascination With Your Little One

To you it is just a toilet, but to a little kid that porcelain throne looks a lot like a magic portal that carries away items into the abyss, never to be seen again. Kids are always curious about things that disappear, but unfortunately, things flushed down the toilet that shouldn't be can lead to a lot of septic issues and the need for septic tank pumping much sooner than the recommended three- or four-year scheduled cleaning. Even though you may have a tot whose eyes light up when the toilet flushes, there are a few things that you can do to ward off their fascination. Here is a simple ABC rule set to keep in mind. 

Avoid keeping small items within close proximity of the toilet. 

If there is something close enough to grab, your little one will likely go for it and have it in the toilet before you ever catch hat anything is happening. Therefore, keep small items out of reach in the bathroom. Toilet paper rolls, makeup, clothing, and even bars of soap and home decor should be kept inaccessible by little hands. 

Buy and install some form of toilet lid lock. 

Toilet lid locking systems are an incredibly convenient child safety item to have around and they are not at all that expensive to buy. Most simply clip to the rim of the toilet and have a small tab that connects to the lid to hold it in place. These locks are easy enough for an adult to snap open with just one hand, but complicated enough so that a little one would have a hard time doing the same. Look for child safety locks for your toilets at just about any home retail store. 

Curb enthusiasm about the magic flusher with real education. 

You may think that your youngster is just too young to understand how the toilet and septic system of your home works, but you might be a bit surprised to see just how perceptive your child is about seemingly uninteresting information. Take a few minutes to teach your little one about the toilet and what happens when something gets flushed. Draw simple pictures and explain that items flushed actually land in the septic tank where they can cause real problems. Even allow your child to watch when your septic tank is pumped so they get a better understanding that items that have been flushed away still have to be removed. Click here to find out more.