2 Main Reasons To Choose Exterior Drain Tiles Vs. An Interior Drain System

If you want to protect your home's foundation and prevent leaks into your basement, you probably understand the importance of installing a drain system. However, you might be having a tough time choosing between an interior drain system and an exterior drain system. Some people do prefer an interior drain system, but you'll probably find that an exterior drain tile system is superior. These are a couple of reasons why.

1. You Don't Have to Change the Inside of Your Basement

Regardless of if you use it for storage, a utility room, a game room, a bedroom or just about anything else, you might be happy with the inside of your basement. For example, you might have flooring, furniture and more in the room. If you choose to install interior drain tiles, you have to worry about moving all of these items out of the way. This can be disruptive for the activity in your basement, can result in higher labor charges if you have to hire someone else to do it, and can cost you money if you have to replace these things, such as if you have to tear out built-in furniture.

If you choose exterior drain tiles, you don't have to worry about any of these things. You don't have to worry about spending the day cleaning out your basement, and you don't have to worry about replacing or moving anything. Instead, you can leave the inside of your basement as-is while still having the work done. The work will all be done outside and won't affect the inside of your basement at all, other than preventing water from damaging it in the future.

2. It Does a Better Job

Overall, you will probably find that an exterior drain system can do a much better job of protecting your home's foundation. If you have exterior tiles in place, you can feel confident in knowing that your home is being protected from moisture. If water ever gets to the point of your interior drain tiles, it is already affecting the soil directly around your home, for example. Exterior drain tiles will prevent the moisture from making it this far in the first place.

Choosing between interior and exterior drain tiles can seem like a tough decision, but it does not have to be. The truth is that exterior drain tiles are often seen as being superior, so you may want to talk to a pro about installing them around your home.