3 Great Things To Include When Having A Home Entertainment Center Built Into Your Wall

If you are hiring a contractor to build a gorgeous home entertainment center into your wall, then you have plenty of space to work with. Because you have all of this space, you want to make sure that you fill it well. This means to use all of the space wisely so that you both have room for all of your electronics, movies, etc., as well as room for all of your decorative items. If you are still trying to figure out a design that works for you, this article will help you out. It will discuss 3 great things to include when having a home entertainment center built into your wall. 


A great location for a fireplace is in the center of your home entertainment center design. Your television can go either mounted on the wall or on the shelf above the fireplace, making the whole design uniform. You can have the fireplace created with gorgeous brick or stone so that it offsets the wood of your entertainment center and gives it a more unique and personalized look. The fire will provide warmth and comfort for you guests while you enjoy a movie. 

Decorative Shelves And Storage Cabinets 

A good entertainment center includes both places that you can display decor and places that you can hide things that you don't want everyone to see. The best way to do this is to include shelves along the top and middle for all of your decor to sit on and be seen easily. Then you will want to include cabinets with doors that will house all of your television electronics, cords, your movie collection, etc. This allows you to have everything that you need located right there in your home entertainment center without making it look cluttered or unsightly. 

Mounted Spotlights

Since the home entertainment center will likely have some decorative shelves that include pictures, antiques, books, etc., you can have some spotlights installed that shine on them. This will allow friends and family who come into your home to better see these treasures that you have displayed. You can have as many lights as you would like mounted above your shelves, but two lights on each side of your home entertainment center will likely look the best. When it comes to lights, your options are basically endless, so you can go with modern, classic, or whatever lights you like. 

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