Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Water Well

If you are considering moving to a new home not served by municipal water and sewage systems, you may be concerned about using a well for your drinking water. Using well water actually has quite a few advantages, and with proper maintenance, the disadvantages can be overcome. Well water can safely provide you with the drinking and other water you need if you take a few precautions.


The main advantage of well water is the cost. Well water is free, so you do not get that monthly or bimonthly water bill that makes you vow to take shorter showers.  If you are moving into a home with a working well, you do not even have to worry about the installation costs, although regular maintenance is certainly suggested.

A study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that well water has the same level of calcium and magnesium as does municipal water with a slightly higher level of sodium. Each well's mineral level may vary, so having your water content tested is necessary. Since you are tapping into "natural" water, you are being environmentally friendly. Also, the water has not been treated with chlorine and other chemicals, so you are not ingesting those substances. 


Well water does contain more minerals, so it will be harder and possibly need water-softening treatment. Also, if your well is too close to the surface, you are at danger of consuming chemicals that have seeped into the water table. To overcome these disadvantages, you need to keep the area around your well clear of waste.

Monitor the color and taste of your water and have it checked after you have had work done on the well or it rebounds after having gone dry. If someone in your home is pregnant, you should have the water tested as a precaution. You can have filters installed to get rid of possible contamination problems.

Wells can be an inexpensive and safe way to fulfill all your family's water needs. Although you do need to practice careful oversight, well water is not dangerous. You can get the taste and softness you desire by having filters and softening systems installed, and regular testing and maintenance will keep the water healthy. Wells are environmentally healthy, so you will be doing your part for the planet. Also, you are in charge of your well, meaning you can immediately take steps to improve the water quality if needed. You will not be restricted by the bureaucratic red tape that municipalities are subject to. Contact a company like Ace Well & Pump Co for more info.