Act Quickly If You Smell Sewage in Your Yard

If you can notice odors outside your yard around your home, and it smells like raw sewage, you'll want to call a sewer contractor. Inhaling waste is dangerous for all occupants of the home and the people around you and you need to find out if you have a leak.

The sewer contractors are going to do a fast inspection to see what is going on. The ground may be toxic and polluted, and you can get fined if you don't deal with the problem quickly. Here is what needs to happen right away.


The sewage contractor can take a camera and put it through the pipes in your home to see what is going on throughout the pipes that lead to the septic tank, and then they can look in the tank. They will see if the tank is damaged or the pipes are cracked. If the tank is overflowing because it's full, it will be pumped and they will look for other potential problems.


If there are cracks in the septic tank the tank will need to be emptied and repaired. If there are damages so extreme they can't be repaired, you'll have to pay for a new tank. If the pipes are damaged the sewer contractor may be able to repair the pipes with a trenchless liner that slides through the existing pipe. This depends on how bad the damages are and if the liner can be supported by the existing damaged pipe.

Pipe Replacement

If your pipes are badly damaged they ground will have to be dug up and they will have to be replaced. Make sure that you only allow professionals do this type of work, especially if there is waste leaking into the ground around the pipes and the tank. Have the contractors fix tree roots and other problems while the ground is dug up.

You don't have a lot of time to get multiple quotes if sewage is leaking through the pipes or tank into the ground around your home. If you want more than one estimate, make sure that you get a hold of the different companies and have them come over as fast as possible so you can compare quotes. You'll want to see if any of the ground needs to be dug up and hauled away, or if sand or soil needs to be brought in to help absorb the problem. For more information, contact Lutzky Contracting