The 3 Most Essential Questions to Ask a General Contractor for a Kitchen Remodel

Finding a general contractor to help you take on a kitchen remodeling project is an extremely important task. After all, with many kitchen remodels easily costing tens of thousands of dollars, you want to make sure that you're getting the highest quality materials and workmanship for your money. As such, it's a good idea to interview a few known and reputable contractors in your area before deciding on one. Ultimately, by asking the right questions, you'll be able to make a well informed decision.

How Easily Can You Be Reached?

Communication is key when it comes to any home remodeling project, but this is especially true during a remodeling project as large as a kitchen remodel. Since a general contractor has his or her own team of subcontractors (the ones who do the bulk of the physical work), you'll want to make sure that you can still get in touch with your general contractor as needed. Be sure to ask how long you should expect to receive a response to a voice mail, text message, or e-mail--and don't hesitate to have these terms written into your contract.

How Will You Handle Change Orders/Extras?

No matter how well you plan for a kitchen remodel, there's always a chance that something could go wrong and things will need to be changed. For example, a contractor may discover, upon tearing out a wall, that you've got a mold problem that will need to be remedied and, as a result, you might have to scrap your plans for that kitchen island. At this point, having a contractor who can work with sudden changes will be vital to your ultimate satisfaction with the project. Also, make sure that your contractor won't charge you for any extras without first clearing it with you.

Where Are Your References?

Any reputable general contractor (such as Americom Construction Co Inc) should have at least a few references for you to check out; these should be customers with whom he or she has done business in the past. Always ask for references and follow up with them. This will give you a better idea of the type of work your contractor has done in the past and will allow you to speak first-hand with some of his past clients. Never work with a contractor who doesn't have references available for you; it's just not worth it to risk thousands of dollars on somebody without references--even if he or she offers you a great deal.