Choosing The Right Replacement Windows For Your Home

There are many different building materials that can be used in the construction of your replacement windows. While you may think that the only difference between these options is the way that the look, the truth is, each type of replacement window will come with a very unique set of pros and cons based upon the material they are constructed from. Taking the time to review these pros and cons will allow you to choose the replacement windows that are right for your home.

Option 1: Vinyl Windows

The Pros:

There are many benefits that come along with choosing vinyl windows for your home. For instance, vinyl windows will typically be the most affordable option you have available to choose from. This can be extremely important when working with a small budget.

Vinyl windows also offer the benefit of being very energy efficient. This benefit is made possible by the fact that vinyl is not a conductive material. Consequently, you will never need to worry about outdoor temperatures being transferred into your home via your window frames.

The Cons:

Like all window options, vinyl windows also have some disadvantages. For most homeowners, the primary disadvantage will be considered the appearance of vinyl windows. This is because vinyl windows are well known for their white, plastic-like appearance.

Option 2: Wood Windows

The Pros:

Wood windows also offer many different benefits. These benefits include the ability to easily customize the size, shape, and color of your new windows. Wood window frames also offer the benefit of being very durable. As a result, these windows will often last a lifetime provided they are properly cared for.

The Cons:

The primary disadvantage of choosing wood windows is the maintenance that they require. Since wood is a porous material, it will need to be sanded and sealed every year or two in order to prevent water damage. Wood windows are also more susceptible to insect infestations, especially termite infestations.

Option 3: Fiberglass Windows

The Pros:

Fiberglass windows are the newest of the three options discussed here, however, they have already proven to be quite beneficial for many homeowners. This is because fiberglass window frames combine the appearance of natural wood windows with the easy to maintain nature of vinyl windows. Fiberglass windows also offer the benefit of being very lightweight. This can make them easier to open and close then heavy wood windows.

The Cons:

The most notable disadvantage of choosing fiberglass windows is the uncertainty that still surrounds the performance of these windows many years down the line. This uncertainty is due to the relatively short amount of time that these windows have been on the market.

The Bottom Line

The type of replacement windows that are best suited to your needs will depend upon a variety of factors, such as your budget and the architectural style of your home. To further explore the many options that you have to choose from, including gulf coast windows, be sure to contact a qualified contractor in your area to schedule an onsite consultation.