How To Make Your Old Home Feel New: 9 Tips

Your older home doesn't have to feel like an old house. You can do some simple updates to give new life to your older home, while still keeping the charm of your older house. See below for simple fixes to accomplish this goal.

1. Clean Or Replace Carpeting

Clean the carpeting or replace it altogether with something newer. New carpeting always makes a home feel like new, and cleaning it will make your home smell fresher.

2. Make It More Cohesive

Over the years, with different owners, your home may feel a little mismatched. You can change this by going room to room and making it more cohesive. Match finishes throughout the house to make every room match, or replace wooden baseboards if they don't match. This will make your home feel more polished and consistent.

3. Update Switch Plates, Outlets and Light Switches

Update your outlet and switch covers with something a little more modern. You may have some light switch plates or outlets that may have been painted over, or have yellowed throughout the years, replace them to give your home a more updated look. You can also replace yellowed thermostats and smoke detectors.

4. Repair Walls

You may notice some patchwork from the previous owners that may not look very professional. Hire someone to professionally patch your walls where necessary. This will make your walls look even and smooth.

5. Add Light

Update the light fixtures throughout your home, or add more lighting where needed. Bringing a lot of light into your home will make your home look newer, and larger. 

6. Paint

Paint your home to your own style, and give your house the same color pallet throughout your house, to give it a more cohesive look. A fresh coat of paint always gives any home a new feel. Painting old doors a vibrant white will help make your home feel new as well.

7. Replace Old Fixtures

Old door handles, hinges or knobs throughout your home should be replaced if you can. Update them with something a little more up to date.

8. Add a New Front Door

Add a new front door that brings in light to your home. You can paint it a vibrant color, and add new door handles that are a little more modern as well. 

9. Refinish Hardwoods

If your older home has hardwoods, you can stain them to give them a rustic look, so you still have old charm with a modern feel.

Making your home feel newer with simple updates doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, and most of these items can be done all by yourself. For professional assistance in home remodeling, visit First General Services of Colorado Springs.