Does It Matter Which Air Conditioner Filter You Choose?

Even if you live in an area where the climate is perfect year-round, chances are you're going to require using your heating and air conditioning units at least some of the time. You will definitely want to be able to rely on your air conditioning and heat when you need it, so ensuring your HVAC system is in good working order at all times is a good idea.

Of course having a professional air conditioning company service your system is important, but so is replacing your AC filter regularly. However, you may be wondering if it matters what type of filters you use. Here is an overview of filters, which will hopefully help you determine the best type to use:

HEPA filters

If you or a family member is prone to allergies and asthma, then you will definitely want to consider using this type of filter. While HEPA filters aren't required for air conditioning units to work optimally, but because these filters prevent nearly 100% of particles from entering your air vents, HEPA filters can reduce allergy symptoms significantly.

High efficiency filters

These filters work optimally while saving you money on your energy bill simultaneously. High efficiency air filters are also the ultimate choice for those with allergies, as they were specially created to eliminate dust, mold, and dirt through an advanced system. Of course these filters cost significantly more, but if your family's health is suffering as a result of poor filtration, then you should consider this type of filter.  

Basic air filters

Everyone has seen air filters at certain stores that only cost a $1. Should you waste your money using these cheap filters? Well, you shouldn't use these filters if you are concerned about particles infiltrating your home. Low efficiency air filters can effectively prevent the accumulation of debris inside your unit, minimizing the need for air conditioning repair service, if they are replaced once a month, but they won't provide much allergy protection. So, if you're on a budget and you don't have allergy or respiratory issues, then these filters will suffice.

Unless someone in your family suffers from allergies, the type of filter that you purchase for your air conditioning system isn't as important as the frequency in which you replace it. Filters that are not regularly replaced or cleaned can clog the coils and other parts of your system, resulting in the unit working harder in order to do its job. This could lead to the need for air condition repair, or even replacement. So, the type of filter that you choose will depend on your preference, your health, as well as your budget.