Benefits Of Copper Sinks

Copper is a popular material because of its beauty and durability. Installing a copper sink in your home will add to the design, but copper sinks have additional benefits that you may not realize. Continue reading to learn about the unique benefits of a copper sink.


Most people do not know that copper has antimicrobial properties, which makes it a perfect material for a sink. With a copper sink, you won't have to worry about bacteria building up and lingering. This harmful bacteria can transfer to your hands, your food, and your dishes to make you and your family sick.

Bacteria can only live for a couple of hours on copper sinks, so it is not as much of a worry as it is with traditional sinks made of ceramic, porcelain, or stainless steel.


You have the choice between a smooth copper sink or one with a hammered finish to add detail and texture. You aren't limited to just one tone of copper, either. You can choose from many different shades so that your sink really complements your décor.

During the manufacturing process, the color of the copper is altered with exposure to air and water so that it develops a gorgeous patina color that is highly desired. The tone of the copper deepens with the patina and makes your sink look even more elegant.

If you want to keep the original copper color of the sink, manufacturers can apply a coating over the sink once it is formed so that it will not develop the patina and change colors.


As long as you have a high quality copper sink, it will last for years. The copper will never rust or corrode, so you don't have to worry about it losing any of its beauty over the years. Copper is easier to clean than most sink materials, which makes keeping it beautiful a little easier.

Copper is a strong material. Porcelain and acrylic sinks are durable, but they don't hold up compared to a copper sink. You won't have to worry about dropping a heavy dish, pot, or pan in the sink because it won't dent or scratch.

So if you are in the market for a sink, know that copper has plenty of benefits that make it a great choice beyond its beauty. You will have a wide variety of shapes, styles, and tones to choose from, so be prepared to choose. Talk to a contractor that offers plumbing services about your options.