Unique Home Window Options You May Have Overlooked

Just because you see double-hung windows on most of the houses in your neighborhood, this doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to this option. There are a number of different window varieties that can add character and style to your home, without the loss of functionality. Whether you're building a new home or just looking to do some upgrades to your existing property, there are a number of window options you have probably overlooked.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are all about connecting the inside of your home with the beauty of outdoors. This style of window generally looks best when it is left uncovered, for an unobstructed view. In terms of appeal, this style of window is designed to make a space look larger than it actually is. Instead of remaining flush with the exterior wall of your home, the bow window protrudes out.

This is an illusion that changes the angle of the space, making the wall look further away than it really is. Contrary to popular belief, bow windows can also be designed in a venting window style, so that each of the panels can be opened. Additionally, the window can be custom designed to be as long as the length of the wall it is being installed on. This style of window makes a great addition to the common areas of your home, such as your dining or living room.

Shaped Windows

Another unique option is shaped windows. This style of window breaks away from the traditional square and rectangle options to offer greater variety. Full chord, elliptical, full circle and pentagon are just a handful of the shapes these windows can be designed in. If you're looking to fit a unique space with special shape considerations, this style of window can also be customized to accommodate your configurations.

Shaped windows are a great option in an area where you want floor to ceiling windows, but don't necessarily have a lot of vertical space. You could install a long, rectangle window at the floor and pair it with a shaped window at the top. This offers the same dramatic effect of floor-to-ceiling windows. The only drawback with this style is that they can't be opened. Only install them in areas of your home where you don't mind not being able to open your windows.

Don't limit yourself to the norm. Consider a unique window design that can instantly transform the look of your home.