Basic Steps To Fix The Water Pressure Of Your Sprinkler System

Even a sprinkler system that has been well maintained can malfunction through no fault of your own. Typically, the cause of the problem is due to low water pressure in your sprinkler system. The cause of the low water pressure can be determined by investigating backflow prevention pipes, the water lines, system clog issues, or local water systems. Here is some information on these common causes of sprinkler system low water pressure issues.

Backflow Prevention

When your sprinkler system is sending out little or no water, it can be caused by leaks from the backflow preventer or the lack of pressure coming from your home's water system. This may be related to the backflow preventer, which has two water pipes--one runs horizontally and the other vertically. Both of the pipes have a handle that should be turned so they run in line with the control valve opening. However, if the valves are not running in line with the pipes so they remain open, it can prevent the water from flowing freely and cause the system to leak.    

Water Lines

If the sprinkler system head is broken within your water line, it may lead to low water pressure. The first thing to check in this situation is if there was some digging work done recently in your yard by the utility company or someone else near the sprinkler line. This can even be caused by digging plant holders, fence lines, and a trellis. Consider having the sprinkler system checked to see if any tears or cuts in the lines that need to be repaired. Once the sprinkler line has been repaired, the water pressure should return to normal.

Clogged System

Clogged sprinkler systems could be caused by overgrown grass that prevents the water lines from flowing properly. The area surrounding your sprinkler lines should be mowed regularly, and weeds should be pulled before they sprout out of control. Another cause of a clogged sprinkler system is dirt. The dirt can get into the sprinkler system lines if they are exposed and block the water from flowing. In order to prevent this from happening, the sprinkler system should be flushed out.

The steps here are just an overview of some basic steps that will assist you with fixing the water pressure of your sprinkler system. However, if you are uncertain of how to perform these maintenance steps on your sprinkler system consult with a contractor, like at Santos Landscaping.