4 Tips To Protect Your Roof From Winter Weather

The winter season can have a dramatic and damaging impact on your home's roof. However, there is much you can do to help protect your roof's shingles and prepare in advance for destructive ice and snow. Here are 4 tips to keep in mind that might just extend the life of your roof and potentially save you big money on roof repairs.

Secure Your Roof Shingles

For those with an older roof, you may have a number of issues with your shingles that you should take care of before the winter season begins. Inspect your roof for loose shingles and try to replace them if possible. You could also need an extra coat of roofing tar or your shingle nails might be loose. If so, water can leak under these shingles and into your ceiling.

The danger is compounded in the winter when this water can freeze, thaw, and refreeze, causing further damage that can dislodge shingles even further. Roofing contractors also specialize in this work, so contact one, such as Professional Roofing, if you need your roof examined.

Gutter Cleaning

A thorough gutter cleaning is necessary before winter as well. This means clearing any loose leaves, branches and other debris that can get lodged in both your gutter and drains. This organic material can become wet and then freeze in place, causing your gutters to expand and even crack. Ultimately, wet autumn leaves are definitely something you want to deal with before they become a major problem.

Heated Roof Options

Installing a heated roof is a costly option upfront, but it can help ensure your roof is spared the dangers of a rough winter, leading to a roof that lasts longer in cold conditions. You can speak to a roofing contractor about installing this option, but usually it's best if you're building a roof from scratch.

For those with an existing roof they want to protect, there are also heating cable kits that you can purchase and have installed by a roofing company. These systems are also often automated, detecting if there is snow or ice on your roof, and then melting it without you lifting a finger.

Roof Rakes

For those who want to take care of the snow on their roof manually, roof rakes offer a solution. These are extremely long rakes that are easy to use, especially if your house isn't more than two stories high. Even then, you might want to get a professional to help you handle hard to reach places.

These rakes essentially allow you to remove snow before it builds up. This is important because large amounts of snow can actually lead to a roof collapse. Unfortunately, these rakes don't help much with ice, but they do take care of especially dangerous snow accumulation.